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Size Luxe X Large: Premium flowers & the best show! Great size to be split up to fill a few vases for around your store, or enjoy it as one large showy statement piece!


This subscription covers Wealthy St. delivery for 6/2, 7/7, 8/4, 9/1, & 10/6

Please Note- This Special Offer is Only Available for Small Businesses on Wealthy St.


The Endless Summer Club Monthly Flower Subscription delivered right to your storefront! Each month, on the first Sunday of the month, enjoy a delightful & long lasting, beautiful Luxe XL bouquet delivered to your store spanning June to October. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with this exclusive subscription, bringing you a total of 6 stunning bouquets throughout the sunlit seasons. Flower Customization, Branding Color Palettes & Complimenting Storefront Aesthetics are available to you.


Perks of Subscribing to the Endless Summer Club:


-First dibs on the best & most beautiful blooms from our selection

-20% off coupon for web order add ons for local markets through October

-High Quality treatments & processing for maximum flower life.

-Monthly Mini Design Tutorials

-Monthly Upcoming Flower Variety Highlights & email reminders for your flower pick ups

-Makes a great gift for mom or someone you love that keeps giving!

-Supporting a small business, a local family farm, and local growers all in one!

-Customization and special flower requests are available for subscribers.

Wealthy St. Business Offer: Luxe Endless Summer Club Monthly Flower Subscription

$275.00 Regular Price
$237.00Sale Price
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