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Introducing the Plant Pre-Order Thai Constellation Monstera in a 6" Pot, a rare and exquisite addition to your plant collection! Available for pick up in April! Pick ups will be available at the Arts Marketplace, Morning Ritual, and Hudsonville! You will receive more pick up information after placing your order. Here are some enchanting facts about this extraordinary plant:

1. **Rare Beauty**: The Thai Constellation Monstera is a highly sought-after and rare variety known for its stunning variegated leaves that feature striking patterns of cream and green, resembling a starlit night sky and adding a touch of celestial beauty to your indoor oasis.

2. **Limited Availability**: As a rare and exclusive plant, the Thai Constellation Monstera is a prized gem for plant enthusiasts and collectors, making it a coveted addition to any plant collection and a statement piece in your botanical display.

3. **Variegation Magic**: The unique variegation of this Monstera cultivar adds an element of mystery and allure, with each leaf displaying a one-of-a-kind pattern that captures the imagination and creates a sense of wonder and fascination.

4. **Tropical Elegance**: Originating from Thailand, this plant brings tropical elegance and sophistication to your home, infusing your space with a sense of exotic beauty and creating a lush and luxurious ambiance.

5. **Moderate Light**: Thriving in bright, indirect light, the Thai Constellation Monstera prefers well-lit spaces without direct sunlight, allowing its variegated leaves to retain their vibrant colors and patterns.

6. **Moderate Watering**: Keeping the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged is essential for the health of this plant, ensuring that it remains happy and thriving without the risk of overwatering or dehydration.

7. **Conversation Starter**: The beauty and rarity of the Thai Constellation Monstera make it a conversation starter and a focal point in any room, captivating attention and admiration from guests and plant enthusiasts alike.

8. **Living Art Piece**: With its celestial variegation, tropical charm, and unique appeal, the Thai Constellation Monstera is not just a plant but a living work of art that elevates your home decor, adds a touch of magic to your space, and brings a sense of wonder and sophistication to your botanical collection.

Rare Thai Constellation Monstera Plant Pre-Order planted in a 6" Pot with saucer

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