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Pre-Orders for Tropical, Locally Grown Banana Trees! Level up your landscaping or front porch/deck with your own, locally sourced Banana Trees from our family garden to yours! My Papa has spent years studying the beautiful Banana trees and we enjoy them every year within our families. This year, we want to bring our love for Michigan grown banana trees to you and your beautiful home!

Banana trees do best when put out late spring (when it doesn’t get below 45 or so at night) In full sun. They are tropical plants and they drink plenty of water. The more sunlight and water it receives, the more you will see it grow!

Banana Trees begin as stalky dried looking bulbs that you plant about a 3rd of it into the dirt. From there it takes a couple of months to finally receive your first leaf. By Mid Summer you will see your beautiful banana tree grow and thrive. Once temperatures dip below 45 degrees, be sure to winterize your tree to be a beautiful exotic plant to enjoy indoors. Make sure the Banana tree receive lots of light to avoid it from going dormant. If the tree goes dormant, don’t worry! Remove all the leaves and save the bulbs for next spring.

Banana Trees are the ultimate house plant and such a cool & fun gift idea for those who love plants!

Please remember not all Banana Trees Produce fruit- it is up to our favorite pollinators! In natural banana tree reproduction, pollination is crucial for fruit production. The process involves transferring pollen from the male flower (stamen) to the female flower (pistil) of the banana plant. This transfer, typically done by insects like bees, triggers the development of fruit. Without successful pollination, fertilization doesn't occur, leading to a lack of fruit formation in some banana tree species.

Size Small will include 2-3 Small Banana Bulb Trees

Banana Tree Bulb & Care Instructions

Unlikely to produce Bananas or Flower since it’s a smaller baby plant. But after a couple of years it may reach maturity with proper care.

Will grow to approx: 3-4ft or taller

Delivery & Local Pick Up Available

For May & June

While Supplies Last

Small Banana Tree Plants & Bulbs - Pre-Order for May or June!

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