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Statement Arrangement options range from $150-$250 depending on overall style, size and design you are going for.

First deliveries start Monday, April 1st- Monthly Subscriptions are now available to Retail, Offices & Hospitality Spaces!

Elevate your retail space with Modern Statement Showroom Designed Arrangements tailored to your business's unique vibe, color palette, and design requirements. Infuse nature into your indoor setting and make a bold statement with exquisite floral art by She Is GR Co. Enjoy the convenience of monthly deliveries straight

to your retail space.

Did you know fresh flowers can encourage creativity, boost your mood and can help improve workflow?

1. Creativity Boost: Flowers have been shown to enhance creativity by stimulating innovative thinking and problem-solving skills in the workplace. The presence of flowers can inspire fresh ideas and foster a more creative work environment.

2. Improved Workflow: Research suggests that having flowers in the workplace can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. The sight and scent of flowers have been linked to reduced stress levels, helping employees focus better on their tasks and maintain a positive workflow.

3. Mood Enhancement: Flowers have a direct impact on mood, promoting feelings of happiness, relaxation, and well-being. Having flowers in the workplace can create a more positive atmosphere, reduce anxiety, and uplift the spirits of employees, leading to a more harmonious and enjoyable work environment.

Please reach out through email or our Inquiries page for more information!

XL Modern Showroom & Event Statement Arrangements

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