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Opt In Endless Summer subscribers: Peony Bouquet Pre-Orders This weekend for pick up in 49426

Updated: May 18, 2023

Hey West Michigan Friends & Our Lovely Endless Summer Subscribers! I'm so exited to announce that my family's lilacs & peonies are now blooming with our first variety! The family farm is looking & smelling amazing & I can't wait to head out there and pick you some beautiful & fragrant blooms!

Endless subscribers-Don't forget to opt. In for this month's Pick Up Orders! To cover more than one month, increase the quantity to = the amount of months you want to be covered. Example: Quanity 3 = 3 Months

(There is 5 months left of subscriptions meaning a maximum of Quantity -5 can be applied for coverage for the rest of the flower season)

Endless Sumemr Subscribers- Opt. in here

If you haven't renewed for the month-

Large Bi-Weekly

Medium Bi-Weekly

Small Bi-Weekly

Small Monthly

Medium Monthly

Large Monthly

Luxe XL Monthly

Don't forget to read through the item description list & size, and frequency before making your final selection.

Peony Bouquet Pre-Orders for this weekend for pick up in Hudsonville Michigan- The first of the West Michigan Peonies are here and they are stunning and sweetly frangrant!

So so lovely, and this variety will only be around for a week or 2!

Don't miss out on these beautiful blooms!

Opt back into the Endless Summer Club & Apply your coupon at check out to save!

I Can't wait to bring you these personal & beautiful blooms this weekend!

Shop Non Subscription- regular pick ups

Large wrapped bouquet

Small wrapped bouquet

Feel free to Dm on Ig @sheisgrco with any questions or concerns

Don't forget to Apply your coupon at check out to save!

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